PT Delta Atsiri Prima



PT DELTA ATSIRI PRIMA is a traditional medicine, herbal, essential oil, cosmetics and household health supply company in Indonesia that processes high quality ingredients from Indonesian nature into useful products and helps maintain public health.

PT. Delta Atsiri Prima is part of the Delta Corporation group of companies which also includes several other companies:


To be a superior and trusted company for traditional medicines, cosmetics and household health supplies to fulfill the needs of national and international markets.


  1. Producing products of traditional medicines, cosmetics and household health supplies according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. 
  2. Making collaboration with companies, SMEs or individuals in providing raw materials and manufacturing traditional medicinal products, cosmetics, household health supplies.
  3. Conducting research and development of quality and innovative traditional medicines, cosmetics, household health supplies.
  4. Prioritizing customer satisfaction related to the quality of our products, competitive prices and timely delivery. 
  5. Assisting the government in providing employment opportunities for the community, especially in the traditional medicine, cosmetic and household health supply industries.

In production process, the quality of raw materials is an important thing for PT. Delta Atsiri Prima. The resulting products are high sensitivity products Therefore, quality control and quality standards are implemented from the initial stages of production to delivery, by:

  1. Ensuring the use of high quality ingredients. 
  2. Supervise in each stage of processing. 
  3. Divising specific tasks for each personnel to ensure the focus on each stage of processing. 
  4. Using ‘First In First Out’ system for stock rotation in our warehouse. 
  5. Ensuring the room temperature and air circulation of the warehouse always good and standardized.

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