PT Delta Atsiri Prima

PT. DELTA ATSIRI PRIMA, BPOM Standardized Herbal, Halal and Trusted​

Want to make Herbal products with your own brand without bother with licensing and production? Let us do the hassle, you only need to wait for your products to arrive!

PT. Delta Atsiri Prima

Herbal OEM Service Specialist

Distributors And Customers Need High Quality And Certified Products.

Processes high quality ingredients from Indonesian nature into useful products and helps maintain health.

We will help the registering process of your product to HAKI, BPOM, HALAL and KEMENKES until all certificates/permits are issued.

We serve several large clients

We Manufacture Famous Products

+ 100
+ 300
Million Packaging
+ 10
+ 100

OEM process

Complete Services for Traditional Medicine Businesses

You can make your own traditional medicinal products.

Product Concept

Discuss with us the product’s concept according to what kind of concept you want.

Product Sample

We prepare product samples from the formula and concept you want.

Product Process

We will fulfill your order according to CPOTB-BPOM standards.

Product Design

Discuss the product design you already have with us.

Product Formula

We will provide alternative formulas to suit your dream product.

Legality Guarantee

We provide comprehensive services for the HKI permits, BPOM, HALAL, and KEMENKES managements.


  1. Beauty supplement capsules
  2. Health supplement capsules
  3. Dietary supplement capsules
  4. Stamina capsules
  5. Breast milk booster capsules
  6. Stool softener capsules
  7. etc.


  1. Honey for body health: increase body resistance, for flu symptoms
  2. Diet honey
  3. Stamina Honey
  4. Insomnia honey
  5. Dates honey
  6. Royal jelly honey
  7. Appetite honey
  8. etc.

Powder Drink

  1. Skin Health Liquid / Powder Drink
  2. Body Health Liquid / Powder Drink
  3. Spice Liquid / Powder Drink
  4. Menstrual Streamer Liquid Drink / Powder
  5. etc.


  1. Beauty tea
  2. Health tea
  3. Diet Tea
  4. Stamina tea
  5. Herbal teas: chamomile, green tea, black tea, telang tea, etc.

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