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OEM Services is a cooperation in the manufacture of products produced by toll road service providers, including Traditional Medicines, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Cosmetics and Household Health Supplies.

Toll road service providers produce products according to customer wishes and maintain the legality of product licensing. This is a solution for those of you who have an extensive marketing network and want to brand their own products, but find it difficult to produce them yourself.

Of course you can.

Before you use toll services with PT. Delta Atsiri Prima, you have the right and obligation to ask questions regarding various matters related to products, toll road services, costs, processes, legality, etc. We can be contacted at:

Phone : 0272 557165

WA : 0818 0438 6070
WA : 0852 8333 6070

We can provide any product you need, be it Traditional Medicine, Herbs, Essential Oils, Cosmetics or Household Health Devices.

Delta Atsiri Prima is a toll road service company that is ready to produce in the smallest quantities according to the agreement. This is of course a solution for those of you who want to start a Traditional Medicine, Herbal, Essential Oil, Cosmetic or Home Health Equipment business with your brand, but object to producing in too large quantities.

Various negotiations regarding order quantity, price, samples. please contact us at the contact provided.

PT. Delta Atsiri Prima is ready to complete your sample in the shortest possible time. In just 7-14 working days, the sample you want will be in your hands. We also have examples of alternative products in various types that we have provided for your convenience.

Don't worry, PT. Delta Atsiri Prima is ready to assist you in managing your product distribution permit number. In just 90 – 180 working days (according to BPOM or the Ministry of Health's policy), your product distribution permit is ready. This means you can immediately market your product.

The production process to produce your favorite product will of course adjust to the number of your production requests. For a minimum number of orders, the production process only takes one month. This is of course very fast and really helps those of you who need fast time in doing business.

Factory Location PT. Delta Atsiri Prima is located in Klaten with a very affordable minimum wage, so our company's toll fees are very competitive. Of course it depends on the product quantity and quality.

Delta Atsiri Prima already has official regulatory agency legality from BPOM and the Ministry of Health. We also have a Business Identification Number (NIB) which is integrated with Industrial Business Permits, Environmental Permits, and Commercial/Operational Permits. We ensure that every product is guaranteed for its quality, efficacy, safety and stability. Where the production process refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice of Traditional Medicines to the Good Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetics.

Lokasi pabrik dan kantor PT. Delta Atsiri Prima berada di Jl. Raya Tanjung - Daleman, Dk. Mogok RT. 01 RW. 01, Kel. Tanjung, Kec. Juwiring, Kab. Klaten, Jawa Tengah 57472.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further informations!